How Bullet Points can make your Sales Deck Presentation more effective

Aug 4, 2022
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Businessman presents a sales presentation to a colleague.

One of the easiest ways to present information about an organization or its products and services is to create a PowerPoint presentation. Especially when it comes to a sales deck presentation or a sales pitch deck. But how to make such a presentation attractive, and more importantly, effective?

Most PowerPoint designers would probably use a lot of visual aids in the form of text effects, icons, animations, fonts, font colors, and even bullet points to create an attractive presentation. While all this is fine, it’s also often distracting, especially making use of long paragraphs to explain something. That’s where the bullet points have a strong standing!

Bullet Points in a Sales Deck Presentation

There’s a tendency to go on for long paragraphs when we have a lot of information on the concerned topic. A sales deck presentation needs to include every bit of important information without being too wordy and too visual. Bullet points offer the perfect balance and still make your presentation interesting to read as well as effective. Basic bullet points refer to dots, discs or dashes, and boxes, and can even be numbered. The good news is that you don’t have to only use these types in your presentation. You can make use of any kind of icon/ emoticon (as long as it doesn’t look unprofessional) instead of the basic ones available in PowerPoint. Let’s learn how to use bullet points in your sales deck presentation effectively.

Bullet Points:

    • are simple and easy to understand

Powerpoint design is tricky. Given the different industries and types of use cases that require PowerPoint presentations, professional designers must approach each of these carefully. There’s a lot of information to deliver to the target audience but text-heavy slides will probably cause them to tune out of the presentation. Bullet points can make your content more pleasant to read through and digest easily.

    • can offer an overview of the information in your presentation

Once you manage to get and hold your audience’s attention, you can use bullet points to give them a peek at what comes next in your presentation. Bullet points can also be used to summarize information instead of typing out blocks of text to explain something to the audience.

    • can help pinpoint key highlights

A sales deck presentation is all about the numbers. You need to show how successfully the company has grown when it comes to sales. You can use bullet points to highlight this growth on a year-to-year basis. Or you may want to show what you have done to reach a certain milestone or goal. Mention each point using bullet points, keeping the information concise and effective.

    • can help you rank and compare data

Bullet points are a great way to compare all kinds of data. Use them to compare your product to other similar products in the market or even sales figures for different years in your sales deck presentation. Use them to highlight important information, therefore making it easier for your audience to grasp.

    • can be made interactive with animations

By themselves, bullet points are static and boring. The good news is that you can use animations or transitions to make them, and, in turn, your information more interesting, fun, and interactive. You can time these transitions or set them to appear on-click, to catch your audience’s attention, with ease. With the help of animations and transitions, your presentation automatically becomes an interactive video.

Maximize the effectiveness of your bullet points

    • Short and concise works best

Sales deck presentations can often be long-winded. Avoid putting down your information in long sentences which are likely to bore your audience. A simple phrase or a short sentence will suffice in helping the information have a better impact.

    • Don’t overuse them

While we have been emphasizing the use of bullet points, you need to know when to limit your use. Ensure that you don’t put them on every single slide in your presentation. Don’t forget that your audience needs to listen to you as well as read and comprehend what’s in your presentation. If all they can see is bullet points with information, it will make them lose interest completely. To break the monotony of text-heavy information, you can also use infographics, charts, graphs, and even animations, to a certain extent.

    • Avoid the black discs/ dots

When it comes to bullet points, most people tend to use the basic black dots/ discs in presentations or projects. Which is fine. However, you want your presentation to grab the audience’s attention. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, you should use different colored icons or even emoticons to make the information more attractive.


Bullet points are one of the easiest ways to make your presentation neat, especially when they are used correctly. They help create the right impression and balance out all the text and visual elements you may use. Ultimately, what you want is to engage your audience and give them all the information using fewer words. At Deck Sherpa, we’re all about creating the right kind of presentation for you and your audience. Give us a call on 18001215955 or drop us an email at [email protected]. If you still need more information have look at our Deck Sherpa website now!