Google Slides Vs. PowerPoint: Which is better for Presentation Design?

May 13, 2024
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Google Slides vs. PowerPoint | Deck Sherpa Blog

When it comes to presentation software, the debate between Google Slides vs. PowerPoint is ongoing. Both tools offer unique advantages for crafting visually appealing presentations. Whether you're considering Google Slides vs MS PowerPoint for your next big project or just curious about presentation design options, you're in the right place. These platforms are giants in the world of business PowerPoint templates and effective communication.

This article will delve into the intricacies of PowerPoint software and how it compares to its Google counterpart. We'll explore which features each software has and how they differ from each other. Additionally, we'll assess their ease of use and list the pros and cons of each. By the end of this read, you'll have a clear understanding of the key differences between Google Slides vs. PowerPoint. We'll even include a handy comparison table to summarize our findings. So, let’s get started and find out which tool might be the best fit for your presentation needs!

What is Google Slides 
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What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a user-friendly presentation software from Google Workspace. It lets you create, edit, and work together on presentations online. Many teachers and businesses like it because it's simple to use and supports real-time collaboration. Google Slides lets you add things like text, pictures, videos, and charts. It also has cool features like animations and transitions.

Google Slides Templates

In terms of design, Google Slides provides a variety of templates to help kickstart your presentation design. These Google Slides templates range from business presentations to educational slide decks. The software also offers tools to enhance presentation design such as theme selection and custom slide backgrounds.

Google Slides Cost

On cost, Google Slides is free for personal use with a Google account. Yet, for businesses that need more advanced features and greater storage, Google Workspace offers paid plans. Pricing starts from around $6.00 per month (approximately INR 490). This subscription includes extra Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Meet, among others​.

What is PowerPoint | Deck Sherpa Blog

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation software from the Microsoft Office suite. It has many features that let you make professional-looking presentations. PowerPoint is great because it has a lot of design options and PowerPoint templates.

PowerPoint Templates

One of the key strengths of PowerPoint is its extensive selection of templates, which help users jumpstart their presentation creation. These templates are designed to suit various themes and purposes, making it easier to maintain a consistent and professional look throughout a presentation​​. They are useful for business, school, or personal projects and helps you visually show your ideas.

PowerPoint Cost

PowerPoint isn't free. You can get it by buying Microsoft Office or subscribing to Microsoft 365. This subscription starts at about $6.99 per month, which is around ₹570. This is more expensive than Google Slides, which you can use for free.

In the Google Slides vs. PowerPoint debate, both platforms offer unique advantages. PowerPoint boasts a vast array of design features and templates, making it perfect for complex presentations. It allows you to use custom fonts and enhance your slides with 3D models and animations. These features add depth and make your presentations more engaging. On the other hand, Google Slides is known for being more accessible and cost-effective, ideal for simple presentations and collaborative projects. If you require detailed presentations with sophisticated animations, PowerPoint is likely the most suitable choice.

Comparison of Features - Google Slides vs. PowerPoint | Deck Sherpa Blog

Google Slides vs. PowerPoint: Comparing Features

In the ongoing comparison of Google Slides vs. PowerPoint, each platform offers unique features tailored to different presentation needs.

Google Slides Features

Automatic Saving: Google Slides ensures that all changes are saved automatically, so you don't lose any progress if there's a disruption in your work​​.

Version History: This feature allows you to view and revert to previous versions of your slides, providing a safety net for changes made during the presentation design process​​.

Compatibility: Google Slides supports seamless integration with PowerPoint, allowing users to import and export presentations between the two platforms without hassle​​.

PowerPoint Features

PowerPoint Designer: This tool offers automated design suggestions to enhance the visual appeal of your slides, leveraging professional design principles once you add content like images​​.

Broadcast Live: A standout feature where you can share your presentation live with anyone online, providing a link to view the presentation in real-time​​.

Presenter View: This allows you to project your presentation to a second screen while keeping speaker notes private, a helpful tool for professional presentations​​.

Both Google Slides and PowerPoint serve as powerful tools in the realm of presentation software, each with its advantages. Google Slides is celebrated for its cloud-based features, such as Google Slides' automatic saving and its robust version history, making it ideal for collaborative and flexible presentation creation. PowerPoint, being a more traditional presentation software, offers rich multimedia integration and advanced features like custom animations that appeal to users needing detailed and dynamic presentations. Depending on your specific needs—whether prioritizing ease of access and collaboration with Google Slides or the extensive, feature-rich capabilities of PowerPoint—the right choice can vary. Thus, the Google Slides vs. PowerPoint debate ultimately hinges on what aspects of presentation design and functionality are most critical for your tasks.

Ease of Use Comparison for Google Slides vs. PowerPoint

In the Google Slides vs. PowerPoint debate on which is easier to use, each has its strengths. Google Slides is very simple and easy to access. It works right in your web browser, so you don't need to install anything. This is great if you like quick access and easy setup. Google Slides lets many people work on one presentation at the same time, which makes it super handy for team projects. It also saves your work online automatically, so you don't lose anything if your internet cuts out briefly.

PowerPoint, however, is a bit more traditional and is part of Microsoft Office. It has lots of features, which might be better for those who are used to desktop apps. You need to install PowerPoint, but you can use it offline, which is a plus if you don't always have internet access. It has lots of design tools and options, which are great for making detailed and professional presentations. Although PowerPoint lets you work with others too, it's not as smooth as Google Slides unless everyone has Microsoft 365.

So, if you need a tool that's easy to use anywhere without installing anything, Google Slides could be better. It's especially good for teams that need to work together online. But if you want more advanced features and don't mind a traditional setup, PowerPoint could be better for you. Each one is good depending on what you need for your presentations.

Pros and Cons - Google Slides vs. PowerPoint | Deck Sherpa Blog

What are the Pros and Cons of each Software?

When considering the pros and cons of Google Slides vs. PowerPoint for your presentation needs, it's important to understand how each presentation tool fits different preferences and requirements.

Pros and Cons of Google Slides


1. Accessibility and Convenience

Google Slides operates entirely within your web browser. This eliminates the need for software downloads. This web-based nature makes it accessible from any device with internet access​.

2. Collaboration

Google Slides excels in collaborative features, allowing many users to edit presentations simultaneously in real time. This makes it ideal for team projects and shared presentations.

3. Integration

It integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace apps like Drive and Docs. Thus making it easy to import and export content between them​.

4. Cost

It is free to use, which can be a significant advantage for individuals or organizations on a tight budget​. If you choose to use it for business purposes, Google Slides has a Business Standard plan that costs 12 USD a month (approximately a little over INR 1000.)


1. Limited Design Options

While Google Slides is improving, it still offers fewer themes, transitions, and advanced design options compared to PowerPoint. This can be limiting for users looking to create more intricate presentations​.

2. Dependency on the Internet

For optimal functionality, you would need a stable internet connection. Yet, you can also make edits offline once you set it up.

Pros and Cons of PowerPoint


1. Advanced Features

PowerPoint provides a robust array of design tools, animations, and customization options, and advanced features. These allow you to create professional and dynamic presentations.

2. Integration and Compatibility

Like Google Slides, PowerPoint integrates well within its ecosystem, Microsoft Office, allowing for smooth importation and manipulation of data from apps like Word and Excel​.

3. Greater Control Over Design

It offers more template choices and allows for extensive customization and personalization of presentations​​.


1. Cost

Unlike Google Slides, PowerPoint requires buying or subscribing to Microsoft 365. This can be a barrier for users not willing to incur extra software costs​​.

2. Less Intuitive Collaboration

PowerPoint's collaborative features are not as seamless as Google Slides'. Collaboration in PowerPoint requires more setup and isn't as instant or intuitive​.

Choosing between Google Slides and PowerPoint depends on what you need. Google Slides is great for easy use, accessibility, and saving money, which is perfect for schools and new businesses. PowerPoint, however, is better for those who need detailed and advanced presentation features, especially if they are using other Microsoft tools. Each tool has its benefits, so pick the one that matches the complexity and teamwork needed for your presentations.

Key differences between Google Slides vs. PowerPoint

When comparing Google Slides vs. PowerPoint, key differences in accessibility, software installation, and saving preferences stand out. This impacts their usability for creating presentations.

1. Accessibility and Usability

Google Slides, part of the Google Workspace, offers high accessibility due to its web-based nature. Users can access their presentations from any device with an internet connection. It removes the hassle of tying users to a specific device, enhancing usability across various locations or devices.

2. Software Installation Requirements

Google Slides does not need any software installation. It is instantly available through a web browser. In contrast, PowerPoint requires installation as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Installing the software on a specific device may restrict access. Unless you use the cloud-based version, which might offer fewer features than the desktop version.

3. Saving and Storage Preferences

Google Slides automatically saves all changes to the cloud, providing real-time updates and preventing data loss. Users can also easily revert to previous versions as needed. PowerPoint, while offering robust local file-saving options, also supports cloud storage through OneDrive. However, users need to manage their saving preferences to ensure all changes are backed up.

Choosing between Google Slides and PowerPoint depends on your needs for presentation design and teamwork. Google Slides works well with other Google services, is easy to access, and saves your work automatically. PowerPoint, on the other hand, offers advanced design features and is ideal for those deep into the Microsoft ecosystem. Ultimately, your specific workflow and environment will decide which tool suits you best.

PowerPoint Presentation Design | Deck Sherpa Blog

PowerPoint Presentation Design by Deck Sherpa for the Win

In the ongoing debate of Google Slides vs. PowerPoint, each platform brings its strengths to the table. At Deck Sherpa, we've chosen PowerPoint for its superior design capabilities, which enable us to deliver custom presentations for diverse industries and sectors worldwide. Our expertise in PowerPoint design has allowed us to create elegant, impactful sales presentations, financial overviews, and investor pitch decks that truly stand out.

Explore our Showcase page to see examples of our work and visit our Services page to discover how we can tailor presentations to your specific needs. If you're ready to elevate your presentation game, reach out to us directly. You can fill in our Contact Form, WhatsApp us, call us at 1800 121 5955 (India), or email Let's make your next presentation unforgettable with Deck Sherpa, India's top presentation design agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Google Slides easier to use as compared to PowerPoint?

A. Yes, Google Slides is often considered easier to use than PowerPoint due to its simple interface and seamless integration with other Google services.

Q. Is there an offline version of Google Slides?

A. Yes, you can use Google Slides offline by setting up offline access through the Google Chrome browser.

Q. Can I convert PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides (or vice versa)?

A. Yes, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides and vice versa. Both platforms allow for importing and exporting files from one to the other.

Q. Does Google Slides offer templates and free resources?

A. Yes, Google Slides offers a variety of templates and free resources, although the selection may not be as extensive as PowerPoint's.

Q. Which is more expensive, PowerPoint or Google Slides?

A. PowerPoint is more expensive as it requires purchasing Microsoft Office or a subscription to Microsoft 365. Google Slides is free for personal use with optional paid plans for enhanced features.