Your Ultimate Business Presentation Guide: Slide to Success

Aug 21, 2023
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Whether you're the founder of a small business or work at a big company, a compelling business presentation is key. It's more than just delivering a speech; it's about telling your business story. You want your audience to listen and be fully engaged. A great presentation can help your business by making people remember you and want to know more about it.

In this comprehensive guide, we're set to explore the fascinating world of business presentations. We'll explain what they are and why they're important. We'll also show you different kinds used in business. You'll get tips on good templates and learn about mistakes that can make your presentation less effective. By the time we’re done, you’ll have all the information you need on business presentations.

Smartly dressed lady giving a business presentation to colleagues.

What is a Business Presentation?

A business presentation, or a business PPT presentation, is a formal way to show information, often using Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. A business presentation typically consists of slides that contain data in the form of text, images, infographics, charts, and other visual elements to make complicated information easier to understand. It's specifically used in business settings like meetings, conferences, and seminars. These presentations help share ideas, plans, business strategies, or important data with a large group of people.

Why Is It Important to Create a Business Presentation?

Creating a business presentation is important for several reasons:

  1. It helps you clearly share your ideas, plans, or data with others, like team members or potential investors. This makes it easier to make decisions and move forward.
  2. A well-made presentation can grab people's attention and make your message memorable.
  3. It adds professionalism, showing you've done your homework and are serious about your topic.
  4. Lastly, it's a great tool for persuading others, whether you're trying to secure funding, make a sale, or get team buy-in. Overall, a good business presentation helps you communicate more effectively.

What Slides Should You Include in Your Business Presentation?

When creating a business presentation, it's essential to include certain key elements to make your message clear and impactful. Below is a breakdown of what to include in each part of your presentation, explained in simple terms. These elements will help you introduce your topic, present your ideas effectively, and engage your audience from start to finish.

Sample of an Introduction slide in a business presentation.

1. Introduction

Start by saying your name and job title. Then, tell people what you'll be talking about. Make it clear what they will gain from listening to you.

Sample of an Agenda slide in a business presentation.

2. Agenda

Show a short list of topics you're going to cover. This helps people know what to expect and keeps them focused.

Sample of a Company Overview slide in a business presentation.

3. Company Overview

Tell the audience about your company. Share your main goals, why you started the business, and any big achievements so far.

Sample of a Team slide in a business presentation.

4. Team

Talk about the key people in your company. Highlight their skills and experience to show why they're the right people for the job.

Sample of a Problem Statement slide in a business presentation.

5. Problem Statement

Explain the issue you're looking to solve. Make it relevant to the audience, so they understand why it's important.

Sample of a Solution slide in a business presentation.

6. Solution

Talk about what your company offers as a solution to the problem. Make it easy to understand how it works and why it's useful.

Sample of a Market Analysis slide in a business presentation.

7. Market Analysis

Share some facts and figures about the market you're in. Tell them about the kinds of customers you aim to serve and who your competitors are.

Sample of a Business Model slide in a business presentation.

8. Business Model

Describe how your business will make money. This could include things like sales, subscriptions, or partnerships.

Sample of a Product and Services Features slide in a business presentation.

9. Product or Service Features

Show what makes your product or service special. Use examples or a short demo to make it more interesting.

Sample of a Marketing and Sales Strategy slide in a business presentation.

10. Marketing and Sales Strategy

Explain how you plan to get customers. This could include advertising, social media, or special offers.

Sample of a Financial Projections slide in a business presentation.

11. Financial Projections

Give an overview of how you think the business will do in the future. Use simple charts to show expected profits and sales.

Sample of a Customer Testimonials slide.

12. Customer Testimonials

Show quotes or short videos from happy customers. This makes your business look trustworthy.

Sample of a Timeline slide in a business presentation.


Share your plans for the future. Use a simple graphic to show important goals and when you hope to achieve them.

Sample of a Call-to-Action slide.

Call to Action (CTA)

Finish by telling people what you want them to do next. Whether it's buying a product or signing up for more info, make it clear.


Sample of a Q&A slide.



Allow time for the audience to ask you questions. It helps clear up any confusion and makes the presentation more interactive.

Thank You Slide

End your business presentation by thanking everyone for their time. It's polite and leaves a good impression.

10 Basic Business Presentation Types

Diversity is a key strength of business presentations. Understanding the different types of business PPTs is crucial to creating the most effective and appropriate presentations for your specific needs. With a variety of formats to choose from, you can tailor your message to fit any context or audience.

1. Company Profile PPT

A Company Profile PPT is a quick 10-20 slide overview of your company. It covers key aspects like history, products, and team. It's commonly used to introduce your company to new clients or partners. This business presentation helps viewers understand what sets your company apart.

2. Investor Pitch Deck

An Investor Pitch Deck is a crucial business presentation aimed at investors. With 10-15 slides, it's a great marketing tool and is designed to be persuasive and concise. It highlights your unique selling points and reasons for investment, all within 20 minutes.

3. Elevator Pitch Presentation

An Elevator Pitch is a very short business presentation. Lasting only 30 seconds to 2 minutes, it uses 1-5 slides to quickly explain what your business does and why it’s unique. It aims to grab immediate interest without overwhelming the listener.

4. Sales Presentation

A Sales Presentation is a business presentation used to pitch products or services. Usually, 15-20 slides long, it focuses on how your product solves a problem or fulfills a need. The goal is to persuade your audience to take action, like buying or investing.

5. Product Presentation and Product Launch Presentation

A Product Presentation and Product Launch Presentation is a 10-20 slide business presentation that showcases a product. It covers features, benefits, and pricing, aiming to get people interested. This format is common in business meetings and online webinars.

Designer creates a training and development PPT for the HR department.

6. Training and Development PPT

Training and Development PPTs are an educational business presentation type. They contain 20-40 slides to teach employees new skills or protocols. These presentations aim to improve productivity and employee knowledge.

7. Financial Presentation

A Financial Presentation is a 15-20 slide business presentation that shares a company's financial data. It covers revenue, expenses, and other key financial indicators. These presentations help in making strategic decisions and keeping investors informed.

8. Persuasive Presentation

A persuasive presentation aims to change people's opinions or get them to take action. It's often used for selling a product or convincing an audience to support an idea. The presentation is built to be compelling and convincing. It usually contains about 15-20 slides that focus on key arguments, facts, and examples. The goal is to sway the audience in your favor by the end of the talk.

9. Informative Presentation

Informative presentations aim to educate. They can have 10-30 slides and last 20-60 minutes. Unlike a persuasive presentation, they just share facts or data. They're common in work training and educational settings.

10. Project Status Report

A Project Status Report is a 10 - 15 slides business presentation that concisely updates stakeholders on a project. It details progress, challenges, and plans. It keeps everyone involved on the same page, aiding in project management.

4 Key Types of Business Presentation Templates You Can Use

A winning business PPT presentation depends significantly on the choice of template. The proper business presentation template can set the tone, pace, and visual appeal of your presentation. Let's delve into four popular types of business presentation templates to help you create an engaging and impactful presentation.

The Minimalist PPT Template

The Minimalist PPT Template is one of the go-to types of business presentation templates for professionals seeking a clean and organized look. Perfect for financial reports and formal presentations, it relies on simplicity to highlight critical information without overwhelming the audience. This type of template exudes professionalism and clarity, making it easier for your audience to focus on the core message.

The Dynamic Pitch Deck Template

When it comes to types of business presentation templates, the Dynamic Pitch Deck template is a favorite among startups. Aimed at impressing investors and stakeholders, this template infuses creativity and energy into your presentation. Its dynamic layouts and innovative design elements help you present your business ideas in and compellingly and memorable way.

The Big Data PPT Template

Another crucial type of business presentation template is the Big Data PPT template. Best suited for presentations rich in data and statistics, this template offers a visually pleasing way to display heavy amounts of data. Organized charts, tables, and infographics, ensure your data speaks volumes, informing and engaging your audience simultaneously. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use data visualization.

The Inspirational Presentation Template

Lastly, the Inspirational Presentation template ranks among the popular types of business presentation templates for motivation-oriented presentations. It features uplifting imagery, positive quotes, and inspirational elements to motivate your team or audience. Whether you're leading a team-building session, a workshop, or a motivational speech, this template can add an element of positivity and inspiration to your message.

5 Things to Avoid in Your Business Presentation

Executing a perfect business presentation is no easy task. Even with a compelling narrative or striking visuals, simple mistakes can trip you up, diluting the impact of your presentation. Here are five common errors that could undermine the effectiveness of your business presentations and how to avoid them:

1. Too Much Text

One of the cardinal sins in business presentations is text overload. Filling your slides with too much text can be overwhelming, causing your audience to lose interest. Your slides should highlight key points, complemented by visuals that support and enhance your narrative.

2. Inconsistent Design

A good business presentation maintains a consistent design throughout. Abrupt changes in fonts, color schemes, or layout can be distracting. Consistency ensures your presentation flows smoothly, helping to keep your audience's attention.

3. Neglecting Your Audience

Remember, your business PPT presentation is for your audience. Failing to tailor your content to your audience's needs, interests, and expectations can lead to disengagement. Be sure to consider your audience while crafting your presentation, ensuring it addresses their concerns and captures their interest.


4. Over-complicating Data in Your Business Presentation

Data is often a critical part of any business presentation and therefore, must be presented straightforwardly. Data visualization aids like graphs, charts, and infographics represent complex data, making it more digestible and engaging for your audience.

5. Missing a Clear Narrative

Every business PPT presentation should tell a story. If your presentation lacks a clear narrative, your audience may lose interest or miss the central point of your presentation. Ensure your content flows logically and effectively communicates your key message, forming a compelling narrative from start to finish.


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Conquer Business Presentations with Deck Sherpa

In conclusion, business presentations, or business PPT presentations, are not just collections of slides; they are critical communication tools that tell compelling stories and are reflections of your business acumen. Understanding the various types, choosing appropriate templates, and avoiding common mistakes can help you create a presentation that engages your audience and drives home your business objectives.

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