Sales Presentation – 5 Presentation Design Etiquette tips

Sep 16, 2022
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Designers creating a Sales Presentation

A sales presentation is a great and easy way to introduce your business, products, and services to prospective clients or new stakeholders. While your presentation design doesn’t require to be fancy, it does need to create a great first impression and have a powerful impact on your audience. Therefore, in order to ensure that you achieve both the above points, use the below presentation design etiquette tips to build your sales presentation efficiently.

Create a logical flow of information in your sales presentation

A sales presentation is an essential document in any business. Therefore, before creating one, you have to sit down and brainstorm what exactly you’re going to include. Ideas are always welcome and it’s good to have a lot of them when creating a great and effective presentation design. However, you won’t be able to put down every single idea you have. Remember that you’ll need to rework the design many times and put all the information in a logical flow so that everything makes sense. Cramming in information haphazardly will make your presentation look messy and won’t help in getting your message across effectively.

Pick a template and stick with it consistently

Once you’ve created a logical flow for your presentation design, remember to be consistent across the entire sales presentation. Your slides should not deviate from the design or placement of information. Pick and use a simple design that will go across all your slides but won’t take anything away from the information you are presenting.

Use less number of slides and limit the information on each one

Follow these 2 important rules. Rule number 1 dictates that you limit your number of slides to between 10 - 15. Rule number 2 has two parts - a) stick to just six or seven lines or bullets per slide, and b) only put down seven to eight words per line per slide. This will make your sales presentation easy to understand as well as be clutter-free.

Be careful with your choice of color contrasts

Bold colors and textured backgrounds can make your design templates stand out and in turn, make your sales presentation visually attractive. However, there’s also the chance that the presentation design could have too many colors and too much going on to be taken seriously. Therefore, it’s much better to go with lighter colors and color contrasts to show the textual information in the presentation design. Try out the different fonts available and their sizes but please don’t go overboard. Basically, keep in mind that overusing all or any of these design elements can make your presentation look gaudy, unappealing, and ultimately, unprofessional.

Limit your use of animations in the presentation design

Sales presentations typically contain a lot of information about the organization or business and its products and services. While all this information is the heart of the presentation, it’s often not very engaging. Therefore, along with colors and fonts, one may choose to play around with animations and add slide transitions to the presentation. While both these do make presentations look fun, there can be a downside to using them. In fact, a lot of amateur designers do tend to go overboard with both elements. The presentation stands to be a complete disaster if all the audience can see is too much color, too many fonts, slide transitions, and other animations. They will just get irritated and stop listening or watching entirely. However, a presentation designer will work with you and understand your requirements before designing the presentation with too many animations and slide transitions. However, if you still want to put some of these in, limit your use of them. Maybe only add slide transitions for the titles of each slide or animations in every alternate slide. Ensure that the presentation design is neat, clean, crisp, easy to understand, and quick to deliver.

Get yourself some expert assistance

It’s easy to forget these basic presentation design tips if you aren’t completely experienced in creating presentations. Fortunately, we, at Deck Sherpa know exactly what to do to create presentations that are visually appealing and effective. Check out our website for more information and samples of our work. Call us at 18001215955 or email us at to learn how we use basic presentation design etiquette in all our work.