6 Signs that your Corporate Presentation needs rescuing

Aug 4, 2022
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Things that could go wrong with your corporate presentation

Corporate presentations are important. This means you have to be extremely careful when designing one to avoid sending the wrong message. Ideally, the best solution is to give it to a PowerPoint presentation designer or a presentation agency to create. This ensures that everything is in proper order and looks professional and ready to present to the concerned or target audience. However, there are certain signs that you need to look out for and if you find any in your corporate presentation, you need to get them fixed immediately. Let’s learn what these signs are.

There’s no proper structure to your presentation

In our previous article 10 Slides every Business Presentation must have, we’ve talked about the different types of slides you should include in your presentation. That being said, each slide has to be structured properly, with enough information but not disengage your audience’s attention completely. If your corporate presentation is completely lazy and lacking in structure, you need to clean it up or get a professional presentation designer to do it for you.

There’s too much unnecessary information

Your presentation only needs to contain important information which will benefit your target audience. If you’re going to include your company’s history, its management hierarchy right from the start till the present day, sales figures, global locations, etc., that’s too much information. Your audience will tune out completely. PowerPoint designers can help weed out unnecessary information and only keep what needs to make it stand out.

Every slide is completely self-explanatory

Your slides don’t need to have all the information. However, if you’re going to attempt to read verbatim to your audience, a couple of things could happen. Your audience could get confused with what you are saying or they could be trying to read the information themselves as you speak. This could result in a loss of interest on their part and cause them to disengage entirely. The best thing would be to create a script beforehand and practice it before giving the presentation. A professional designer could help you come up with something that will hold the audience’s attention.

You leave the interesting information for the end

Corporate presentations are boring in general. It’s possible that most people in the audience lose interest after the first slide itself. And you’ve given them all the company history and other information that has no real impact on them to start with. You leave the information they are probably actually interested in, for the very end, for e.g - company profits. While this is the way most presentations might be made, it doesn’t benefit your audience in any way and they disengage. Get a PowerPoint professional to design your presentation so that every slide has something interesting included.

There’s confusion about who your target audience is

While your corporate presentation might be looked at by your top management, you need to be very clear about who your target audience is. You need to be very careful with the information you include and be specific about what your audience needs to know. For example, a stakeholder in a company will want to know about the company's performance and profits. Remember that corporate presentations need to work for everyone in the company and not just top management. Therefore, it's simply smarter and easier to get a presentation design agency to do the work for you.

No one wants to look at or use your presentation

This a fate that befalls most presentations. Especially if they involve someone inexperienced with PowerPoint design. Think about it. You work really hard to create a presentation, only to have your manager discard it and ask you to re-do the work. That’s why it's best to leave this kind of work to professionals that work at presentation agencies.

Deck Sherpa to the rescue!

We’ve been in the PowerPoint design business for more than a decade now. With that kind of experience. we’ve worked on thousands of corporate presentations to know what you need. Check our website for our work, along with testimonials from the different clients we’ve worked with. Additionally, you can write to us at [email protected] or get in touch at 1800 121 5955.