4 Ways to make your HR presentation more Engaging

Aug 5, 2022
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Create a truly great HR presentation

We’ve all sat through an HR presentation at some point during our careers. In fact, it’s mandatory when you start a new job. But have noticed how quickly you start to lose interest in such a presentation? When it's for a new job, an HR presentation usually gives you an introduction to the company, and the management, a brief on the kind of products or services they offer, and so on. For other presentations, the topics usually range from company policies to personnel policies and even workplace etiquette, etc.

As a human resources executive, you need to think up creative ways to make your presentation stand out and keep everyone engaged. Therefore, here are some ways that you can use to make your presentation more fun yet effective.

Create great visuals

Considering how human resources presentations are often full of information, it does get boring to sit through them. The suggestion here is to use high-quality images and topic-related videos to engage the audience. It’s also recommended to use the available fonts, color palettes, and other design elements in PowerPoint. Limit or avoid, if possible, your use of any charts or other business-related visuals.

Make it interactive

You know you need to keep your audience from drifting away. That means making your presentation a participative one. One option is to include mini-games related to the topic at hand (remember, you’ll need to be creative with this). You can also provide them with a handout that they can use to write down notes. Surveys and polls also help to keep the audience engaged and the interaction constant.

Limit your information to the important stuff

This is a little tricky to do. After all, how much information is too much information? HR topics are vast and to an HR executive, everything is probably important. What you need to do here is, even if you have 10 points on a topic like an employee retention, limit it to just 5 essential ones. You can always invite interested participants to talk more, after the presentation.

Include a set of HR FAQs in your presentation

It’s always good to include a few FAQs to keep the momentum going even after the presentation part is over. It’s easy for the audience to lose interest if there isn’t enough interactivity during the whole presentation. The only requirement is that you keep this section for the end.

Doing it yourself vs. leaving it to the professionals

Of course, creating a basic HR presentation is easily done if you have the experience and the enthusiasm. However, if you want to present a genuinely engaging presentation, it’s a job best left to a professional PowerPoint designer or presentation design agency. This is exactly what we do at Deck Sherpa, a PowerPoint design agency located in Goa, India. Visit Deck Sherpa for more details and get in touch with us if you need a great HR presentation created. Call us at 1800 121 5955 or email us at [email protected].