4 Errors to do away with when creating a Business Presentation

Dec 5, 2022
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Designer explains that there are 4 errors you should avoid in your Business Presentation

While an important aspect of any PowerPoint presentation, design is not the only one to focus on. There are other aspects that require an equal amount of focus and care. However, it’s easy to concentrate only on design and do a mediocre job with the rest of the presentation. We’ve found 4 common errors people make when designing a business presentation. The idea is to be aware of them and then work to avoid making them so that your presentation stands out and has the desired final outcome at the end.

Your storytelling isn’t compelling enough

When you give a presentation, you have to think of it as telling a compelling story.  Ensure that you create the story properly with a start, necessary information in the body, and an end that will get you the desired results.

Telling a story sometimes involves giving away more information than necessary but it’s often not in a logical sequence. When it comes to a business presentation, you need to tell your story in a controlled flow or you run the risk of alienating your audience completely, making them irritated and uninterested. Therefore, when designing your business presentation, ensure that the narrative relates appropriately to your presentation’s theme.

There's an information overload happening

So, how much information is too much information? When do you know to stop speaking? An information overload doesn’t help anyone. Focus on putting out the information that’s absolutely crucial and beneficial to them. A business presentation is usually filled with miles of information and tables with facts and figures. While this information is important, it’s often boring and not easy to follow. What you must do here is rewrite and restructure the content, keeping it crisp and easy to understand. Don’t add unnecessary information just to fill in the gaps. Instead, create a simple and easy path for the information so that your points flow into each other seamlessly.

The business presentation isn't visually appealing

As we said earlier, a business presentation contains loaded information. This means that there are challenges in making it visually appealing. Your audience is going to lose all and any interest if they only see lines and lines of text or numerous bullet points Information that’s presented like this will go over their heads entirely. Fortunately, there are solutions in PowerPoint that you can use to make things interesting. There are images, icons, tables, charts, etc., as well as color palettes, in PowerPoint itself that can give your presentation that extra something. What matters is that your audience remembers the information long after the presentation is over and gains from it positively.

The business presentation lacks interactivity

Being careful and avoiding the above errors is not really a problem. However, ensuring that you include interactivity elements in your business presentation can be. Your presentation should be exciting and engaging. It would help if you got your audience to interact with you through the presentation. After all, interaction involves means exchanging information and ideas with others, while influencing and being influenced by them. How can you do that if you’re the only one speaking in the presentation? Therefore, you have to get the audience involved. Ask relevant questions, encourage them to offer their input, and show them why interacting is essential to the presentation. Ensure you don’t stray from the exchange and go completely off-topic.

Professional help will ease the way forward

PowerPoint presentations can be tricky to create, especially if you have a deadline or lack experience. There’s a solution to that – give it to our highly experienced presentation designers at Deck Sherpa. Call us at 1800 121 5955 or send us an email at [email protected] to learn what exactly we can do for you. We have additional information about our services on our website as well.